Leasing Ricoh Multi-function Copiers

One of the most popular copier brands out there, Ricoh is also a leader in the electronic products industry. Headquartered in Japan but with offices worldwide, the company has the best talent creating the most innovative technology and design in the copier industry. The company is also known for making sustainable production choices. Ricoh purchased Savin in 1995, so the same quality should be expected from a copier by either brand name. Several Ricoh copiers made our list, The Best Copier for Small Business, including the Ricoh Aficio MP 4001 SP, the MP C2030, and the MP 9001.

If superior print quality and print speed are the two important requirements of your business, Ricoh multi-function printers rightly fit your purpose. Ricoh offers customized printing solutions that are tailor-made to suit your business-specific need. The company provides an organized catalog that consists of multi-function copiers for different sizes of workgroups, making it easy for businesses to choose the right product for their printing needs.

What Others Are Looking For...

Currently I use a Ricoh Aficio MP C3000 - and really like it. I would like something comparable to this.
-Real Estate Agent, Dallas, TX

Would like to lease a Ricoh MP 2550. Also, an Epsom Stylus Pro 7700 Plotter and a Richo Aficio MP W 5100. Do you rent Trible RTS 555 Total Stations -- if so what would the rent be for that also?
-General Contractor, Whitsett, NC

Replacement and upgrade for existing Ricoh Officio IKON 091FM.
-Manufacturing Company, Poquoson, VA

We are looking to lease 2 copy machines. On the government contract, we can lease a Lexmark X864dhe4 (45,000 pages/month, supplies not included) for $435.72/month or a ricoh MP70001SP (55,000 pages/mont, supplies not included) for $578.90month on 24 month leases. We prefer the faster copiers, but only need a volume of around 15,000 pages/month.
-Attorney, Hawthorne, CA

We were looking at the Ricoh Aficio MP1600spf Copier. Do you have this one?
-Contractor, Sierra Madre, CA

We currently lease a Ricoh MPC3000SPF printer/copier/scanner/fax. Lease is up and we would like to compare new lease or purchase information for 4 comparable models.
-Business Services, San Francisco, CA

I have a Lanier 5621 and love this machine- Something similar please Ricoh/Lanier is my copier/scanner/printer of choice.
-Construction Company, Belleville, MI

Color Multifunction Copier/Printers

Aficio MP C2500 EFI
Aficio MP C3000 EFI
Aficio MP C3500 EFI
Aficio MP C4500 EFI
Aficio MP C2030
Aficio MP C2050
Aficio SP C231SF
Aficio SP C232SF
Aficio MP C2500 EFI
Aficio MP C2550
Aficio MP C2800
Aficio MP C3000
Aficio MP C3000 EFI
Aficio MP C3001
Aficio MP C3300
Aficio MP C3500
Aficio MP C3500 EFI
Aficio MP C3501
Aficio MP C4000
Aficio MP C4500
Aficio MP C4500 EFI
Aficio MP C4501
Aficio MP C5000
Aficio MP C5501
Aficio MP C6501SP
Aficio MP C7501SP

Black & White Multifunction Copier/Printers

Aficio MP 1600L
Aficio MP 1600
Aficio SP 1000SF
Aficio MP 171
Aficio MP 2000L
Aficio MP 2000
Aficio MP 2500
Aficio MP 2851
Aficio SP 3200SF
Aficio SP 3400SF
Aficio SP 3410SF
Aficio MP 3351
Aficio MP 4000B
Aficio MP 4001
Aficio MP 5001
Aficio MP 5000B
Aficio MP 6000
Aficio MP 6001
Aficio MP 7000
Aficio MP 7001
Aficio MP 8000
Aficio MP 8001
Aficio MP 9001

Company Overview

Ricoh is theleading IT Company in the information mobility segment in the world. Established in 1936 in Tokyo, Ricoh has come a long way to deliver innovative solutions that changed the way people work with technology. With operations in 200 countries and regions, Ricoh is a powerful brand that serves businesses across the globe. Ricoh Americas Corporation, established in 1962, handles sales and marketing operations of Ricoh in the North and South American region. Ricoh Electronics Inc. (REI) is Ricoh’s US manufacturing subsidiary established in 1973. REI is the first Japanese company that has manufactured office equipment in the US. Ricoh has acquired several big brands including Savin and Lanier.

Several Ricoh multi-function copiers have been awarded with Buyer Laboratory LLC. (BLI) picks for 2015. In addition, Ricoh earned Industry and Environmental awards for its support and service for the environment. The company has received the Deming award as well.

Ricoh Services and Solutions

One of the striking features of Ricoh office management products is ‘Ricoh Services and Solutions’ that are customized for specific industries such as Healthcare, Legal, Government, Education and Insurance.

Healthcare Sector - HIM Workflow Manager Solution

With the explosion of big data, many hospitals are not able to effectively manage this data. Without organized paperwork, patient care is at risk too. Ricoh offers HIM Workflow Manager Solution that combines electronic health records and crucial paper documents together. Every document is scanned, indexed and properly synchronized which makes it easy to access patient data. This tool can be customized to suit your business-specific requirement.

Legal Sector - Workflow Solutions for Legal

Legal profession involves huge piles of paperwork. When the paper work is inefficiently processed, it would hit your productivity levels. Workflow Solutions for Legal solutions enable you to capture and organize the information so that you can access it from anywhere, anytime. When digital document workflow is leveraged, you can easily collaborate with your team from anywhere to improve business productivity.

Education Sector- Testing and Grading Solutions for Education

One of the expensive areas in the education segment is the testing system. Several schools and colleges follow the old system that involves paperwork, manual correction and evaluation. Ricoh offers Testing and Grading Solutions for Education that is flexible and cost-effective to efficiently create, score and analyze student exams. This Test Creation software enables you to quickly tailor your exams and save time.

Government Sector

Another sector that deals with large volumes of paperwork is the Government sector. While government regulations have to be complied when dealing with sensitive data, tight budgets add up to this challenge. Ricoh has been helping government offices in their work for decades. This rich experience enables the company to provide powerful document workflow solutions for the government sector.

Insurance Sector

The insurance sector has to deal with piles of data. You have to organize the customer information to provide tailor-made solutions. And, ‘claims processing’ is an expensive area that involves regulations and compliance requirements. Ricoh Business Process Services automate this process by capturing paper, classifying documents and routing them to appropriate areas. The Content & Management System allows you to efficiently document and retrieve every piece of information.

Leasing Ricoh Multi-function Copiers

When you want to add a powerful office management product but don’t want to spend large amount outright, leasing Ricoh multi-function copiers is a good choice. By spacing out your payments, you can optimize operational costs and gain tax benefits as well. Moreover, you are entitled to use the latest technology.

Established businesses with a good trading history can quickly get a lease contract approved. Once the equipment requirements are agreed, a finance partner is proposed to offer the most appropriate option for you. The company will perform regular credit checks and company searches. Once this process is done, the lease contract is approved and the machine would be delivered at your place of business. For regular businesses, this process doesn’t take time.

Ricoh offers ‘Pay-as-you-print’ option where the machine and toner maintenance is included in the lease price to provide a clear view of the total cost to the bottom line. The company does not display lease rates on the website but provides a customized quote that is tailor-made to suit your business.

Ricoh Laser MFC (13-22 PPM)



Aficio MP 171 Aficio MP 201SPF
Model Details Black and White Laser Multifunction Printer Black and White Laser Multifunction Printer Black and White Laser Multifunction Printer
Max color/B&W print speed 16ppm 17ppm 21ppm
Print resolution 1200x 600dpi 600x 600dpi 600 × 600 dpi
Mobile Print Yes Yes Yes
ADF Yes Yes Yes
Max Page Capacity 50pages 50 Sheets 50 Sheets
Monthly Duty Cycle 10,000 pages 10,000 10,000
Touch Screen Yes Yes Yes
Office Size 0-10 0-10 0-10
Price $199 $1200 $1100

Ricoh MFC printers (23-45 PPM)

Features MP 4054 Ricoh SP 4510SF MP 401SPF
Model Details Black and White Laser Multifunction Printer Black and White Laser Multifunction Printer Black and White Laser Multifunction Printer
Max color/B&W print speed 40ppm 42ppm 42ppm
Print resolution 1200x 1200dpi 1200x 1200dpi 1200 × 600 dpi
Mobile Print Yes Yes Yes
ADF Yes Yes Yes
Max Page Capacity 4700pages 1600 Sheets 50 Sheets
Monthly Duty Cycle 50,000 pages 10,000 3,000
Touch Screen Yes Yes Yes
Office Size 0-10 0-10 0-10
Price $299 $250 $389

Ricoh MFC printers (above 45 PPM)

Features MP 7502SP MP 7502 MP 9002SP
Model Details Black and White Laser Multifunction Printer Black and White Laser Multifunction Printer Black and White Laser Multifunction Printer
Max color/B&W print speed 75ppm 42ppm 90ppm
Print resolution 400x 400dpi 400x 400dpi 1200 × 600 dpi
Mobile Print Yes Yes Yes
ADF Yes Yes Yes
Max Page Capacity 8300pages 8300 Sheets 8300 Sheets
Monthly Duty Cycle 150,000 pages 150,000 150,000
Touch Screen Yes Yes Yes
Office Size 0-10 0-10 0-10
Price $26000 $26500 $28000

Recommendations based on Office size

For an office size of 0-10, Ricoh SP 311 SFNw is a good choice. This monochrome MFC is a workhorse for small offices. It offers 30 ppm print speed, 300–sheet capacity and 50,000 monthly duty cycle. In addition to a 250-sheet tray, there is a 50-sheet multi-purpose tray. This multi-purpose tray allows you to easily print on different paper stock for documents that are 2 or more pages longer. It offers 1200x600 dpi print resolution and the print quality is medium. The price is $378. While it seems to be little pricey, the print speed, features and paper handling came makes this machine a good fit for small offices.

For an office size of 10-30, Ricoh MP C4503 is a good option. It runs at 45 ppm in both modes. With a 1 GHz processes and 2 GB memory, the first copy comes out in 5.7 seconds in color. It comes with a standard paper capacity of 1200 sheets fed from two 500 sheet trays. The output tray is a standard 500-sheet one. It provides basic scanning, printing and copying features. Fax is optional. An optional color controller is available. It offers color tools such as ICC profiles and RGB color tests. This is a strong, rugged and innovative machine that supports a wide range of medium-size offices. The price is $18,590.

For an office size of 30+, Ricoh MP 9002SP is a perfect device. The SP models are identical to their base models. The only difference is that the scanning, copying and fax features are available as standard options. This laser high speed MFC comes with innovative features such as mobile printing, web/cloud interface and the ability to share a single fax line. With a processor of 1.5 MHz and 250 GB memory, this machine performs office tasks at a quick pace. It prints at 90 ppm. Standard page capacity is 4,300 sheets. This machine is also called ‘Production Booklet Maker’ as it can saddlestitch booklets up to 120 pages. With a combination of performance, features and technology, this MFC supports a range of large workgroups. The price is $34,500.