Telltale Signs You Need a Copier Upgrade

Is your office due for a copier upgrade? Is your current printer old and bulky, and are your employees starting to complain about its performance? You could be losing time and money by keeping an old copier past its prime. Here are six signs your copier is out of date and it's time to buy or lease an upgrade:

1. Old-Fashioned Push Buttons:

Push buttons, many of which are designed to be used for multiple purposes by those who could understand their confusing icons, are a product of an older generation of less-helpful copiers. The buttons are a sign that you are missing out on the benefits of the touchscreen era and machines that offer the ability to navigate multiple, easy-to-understand menu screens that clearly explain every process. Even if you have an early touchscreen model, the latest copiers surpass early versions, most of which were just push-buttons in thin disguise.

2. Fax/Printing Machines at Every Desk:

If your office is home to a multitude of desk-based printers and fax machines connected to every computer, consider switching to one new digital copier that can take the place of them all. Today's copiers offer both fax and printing services, at a scale large enough to serve an entire office. This can help you clear up desk space and save on electricity and expensive replacements.

3. Waiting Lines at the Copier:

Waiting lines can indicate a slow or old-fashioned copier that is taking too much of everyone's time. Take a moment to check how fast your copier is when it comes to pages per minute, then compare it to the modern standard of around 65 pages per minute. You may also want to consider getting a copier with wireless capabilities. A lot of standing around can be reduced if employees can print copies from their desks and simply walk over to pick them up.

4. No Handy Copier Ports:

Does your copier have ports? Ethernet and power cables aside, office copiers can also offer a number of extra ports, such as USB connections that let employees upload and copy images from flash drives. If your company uses a lot of USB storage, it may be time to switch to a copier that works well with the technology.

5. Too Much Reprinting:

If employees keep running back to the copier to make new copies because of blurry or faded images, it could be time for a copier upgrade to a model that does a better job. Modern copiers tend to deal with contrast and detail much more effectively than older copiers.

6. Frequent Paper Runs:

How often do you replace paper in your copier? If it is a daily activity, you can solve frequent paper outages by using a copier that has larger paper trays able to hold far more sheets. More paper means fewer stops to refill and greater efficiency.