How to get the best copier service contract

When looking for a quality copier lease, there is more on the line than printing capabilities and copy speeds. You'll find it difficult to stay within equipment budgets for your business if you get beat on the end terms of a copier lease. Here are the essential details to look for in copier service contracts.

As in car negotiations, there is a certain amount of flexibility on the part of the copier leasing companies. Many such companies look to gain the upper hand in negotiations when they see a client is inexperienced in this field. Make sure you shop around among a group of trusted suppliers using a service like That way, you get a sense of what prices are fair. Once you know you have locked in a solid price, you have to start reviewing the terms that dictate what happens when a copier breaks down in the middle of the lease.

You can get affordable maintenance

Leasing companies will offer copier service contracts that add costs to your package. While that might sound unattractive at first, the reality is these contracts give you far more value for your money than a typical paid warranty coverage. For example, preventive maintenance comes included in these service contracts. That kind of care is needed to avoid breakdowns during the life of a lease. Suppliers normally set the dates for the maintenance and deliver it without any hassle.

Another reason service contracts are so attractive is the guarantee of fixed pricing. You can agree on the costs of parts and what servicing will cost your company so you aren't surprised when there is a problem. Disreputable suppliers can grossly inflate the costs if you don't have these protections.

You can dictate replacements and response times

In the worst cases, you may even need a replacement machine. It's a last resort, but there is a possibility your machine will be down for several days. In these situations, your service contract guarantees that you'll get a replacement machine at a minimal cost to your company. This point could be a real budget savior.

Maybe the smartest move your business buyer can execute is landing a guaranteed response time when your copier goes down. Service contracts often do not include this feature, but it is certainly on the table. Penalties will deter repair companies from missing those deadlines.

But at the outset, you will want to start out by searching among a reliable set of suppliers. has become the easiest way to find copier vendors known for playing fair. No matter who is negotiating the copier deal for your company, it takes expertise in the field to guarantee your company gets a great deal. Trust to make the process a smooth one.