Implementing Your Leased Copier Into Your Office and Network

One of the many great features of newer copiers is their ability to connect to your office network. When leasing a new copier, network connection is one of the factors that help many businesses choose between models. Once you have the right copier, with networking and even wireless capabilities, implementing it into your office and network is easy: While some initial setup and training is required, once that is completed your new copier can save your staff time and increase productivity.

Initial Setup

You should make sure your copier lease includes installation and setup, network connections, and written instructions for your staff's future reference. However, it is up to your business to be ready to accommodate the new equipment in a space that is clear and convenient for employees, and has all the necessary connections to a power source and the Internet.

Employee Training

If your employees have not used a copier on a network before, they may need a quick lesson to learn the basics of getting the most benefits from a networked copier. Instead of needing to physically go to the copier, they will be able to send documents to be printed or faxed right from their computers. Even if you have used a copier on your network before, each one is a little different, so a brief training session is still a good idea. Some subjects to cover include:

  • Available functions. Each copier has different features and functions. Make sure to cover what your new model includes, such as fax, scan to email, and copying or printing functions. Make sure to focus on options that are commonly used in your business, like the three-hole punch feature for client presentations or the sort feature for packets.
  • Cost-saving benefits. These are the features that save time and money. Examples include the double-sided printing function to save on paper, the scan that emails documents directly from the copier, and other functions that can be done directly from employees' computers to save time.
  • Technical information. This lets your staff know how to access these functions from their computers, including using access codes may be required for certain functions. This may be best covered by whoever handles IT for your business. This is a good time to have a question-and-answer session on the copier. A handout with step-by-step instructions using each feature is also a good idea.

To get the most out of your leased copier, the people who will be using it need to know how these great new features and functions will make their jobs easier. All new technology takes some getting used to but once the new copier network has been implemented and explained, everyone in the office will learn to appreciate the time it saves them.

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