Used Copier Machines

A used copier machine is one of the best options for a company that can't commit to a copier lease or doesn't want to spend thousands of dollars on purchasing a brand-new copy machine. Thankfully, copier dealers often have a good inventory of used copy machines and refurbished copiers from previous leases, demos and returns. The advantage of buying from a dealer is that you can often get a good warranty out of the deal, with the added knowledge that your copier has a big name brand like Canon or Xerox behind it. Moreover, reputed dealers take care of maintenance and supplies in accordance to the service level agreement (SLA).

What Others Are Looking For...

Would consider lease or buy with service contract. Limited budget! Would also consider buying a used copier.
-Non-Profit, Forsyth, MO

Maintenance agreement for 3500 copies per QUARTER. Lease option to buy. Used copy machine please.
-Business Services, Clayton, GA

Cost on a 2-3 year lease- if available, a used copier.
-Retail, Lubbock, TX

I am looking for a used copier machine to lease for our office. I need the quote for brand new as well as refurbished copier/printer for a period of 12, 24 and 36 month, which should include service repair, toner, parts/supplies and any machine replacement if required. It should be good for high volume copying/printing capacity and able to have additional paper trays. The copier/printer should be capable to be used as a Network printer.
-Computer Programmer, St. Charles, IL

Would be willing to lease or purchase a good used copier machine with the stipulated specifications which includes service and maintenance included in a monthly payment.
-Construction Company, Detroit, MI

We are a company located in CT. We are looking to buy high meter used copier machines. Please send us an inventory with prices if possible.
-Business Development Company, Shelton, CT

Would like pricing for purchase and lease new and used copier.
-Financial Services Company, Ladera Ranch, CA

Lease or buy used copier machine. 5000 copies a month, Fax included. Maintenance & toner?
-Security Office, Munster, IN

I'm looking for used copy machines, which are specially returning leased machines, old models ok, but working. Quantity buying, around 100.
-Wholesaler, Corona, CA

Looking to lease or possibly purchase a used copier machine.
-Non-profit, Novato, CA

I need written quotes on 25 page per minute copiers. I need a new copier quote and a used copier quote. I need to stay in the $4000 range for the used copier and $7000 range for the new machine. No stapling please.
-Consultant, Denver, CO

When purchasing a new copier, you normally check for the brand, features and performance of the machine. With used copiers, you have to consider additional aspects.

Age of the machine

The first aspect to check is the age of the machine. Every machine comes with a recommendation from the manufacturer with regard to the number of copies it can print in its lifetime. This is normally referred to as the life span of the machine. Every machine normally comes with a built-in meter or counter that tracks the total lifetime usage of the machine. This gives you an idea of the wear and tear on the machine. Compare this value with the manufacturer’s recommendations. It is not a bad idea to check these stats again when you receive the machine at your office. If you purchase a small copier with more than 500,000 clicks, you might be wasting your money as it can stop working at any point in time. Copiers with higher a configuration would deliver millions of clicks before you need to worry about the quality.

Service history of the machine

Secondly, the service history of the machine has to be considered. Normally, the office staff maintains a work log for each machine. This work log provides the details of the repairs done to the machine and the parts replaced during such repairs. Modern copiers come with electronic records that tell you when a part was replaced or needs to be replaced. Checking this service history tells you about the age of the individual parts inside the machine.

Availability of supplies

Thirdly, you need to ensure that the toner ink, cartridge and other supplies are still available for the machine. Every machine comes with an end-of-life period. After this EOL period, the manufacturer stops producing these models. If the supplies are not available, there is no point in purchasing such a machine. Unless the machine is too old, you would normally be able to get ink and cartridges easily. In case the machine breaks down, you need to be able to find parts to repair it as well. Ensure that supplies as well as parts of the machine are available for a considerable amount of time even after the product is discontinued.

Performance of the machine

Before finalizing the deal, check the performance of the machine. Check out the print quality, print speed and the consistency in print jobs. Finally check for any wear and tear. Make sure all the buttons and plugs are working properly. Check the cover of the copier as well. If you find any cracks or damages on the cover, refrain from closing this deal.

Price quotes

Of course, it's smart to get a wide selection of price quotes on a used copier before you commit to buying one. When compared to purchasing a new copier, used copiers save a significant amount of money. While purchasing a used copier, you can expect a 70% reduction on the actual price of the machine. For instance, the HP Officejet Pro 8610 is one of the best machines in the all-in-one segment. A new machine costs around $8,263. When you purchase a used HP Pro 8610, you pay as low as $2,500. The same is the case with multi-function copiers. While the new Brother MFC-9970 CDW costs around $653, the same machine can be purchased at $200 as a used copier.

When it comes to high volume commercial printers, Canon imageRUNNER Advance 6255 is an ultimate choice. While the new machine is priced at $17,850, the refurbished one can be purchased at a significantly lower price of $8,000. However, the price of a used copier depends on several factors such as the age of the machine, service history, warranty period and SLAs.

Brands with resale value

Ricoh and Canon are two popular brands that have a good market in the used-copiers segment. Ricoh and Canon are known to manufacture copiers that deliver consistent performance and are easy to use while being cost-effective. Ricoh is the largest manufacturer of copiers in the world and has a brand value across the globe. Konica Minolta, Kyocera and Toshiba used copiers are popular as well.

You can start by getting price quotes from several of the dealers below. Compare the multiple price quotes, and choose the deal that works best for you.