Digital Copier Technology Makes Interfaces Easy

Digital copier technology has left confusing interfaces and annoying control panels in the past, giving businesses an array of new ways to interact with office copiers. Unfortunately, many offices are stuck with old copier options that frequently stall out, take up too much room, and have a long series of small buttons with confusing operating instructions.

One easy solution to this dilemma is leasing copiers, which makes it easier to pick modern copier options for your growing business and avoid getting stuck with a dinosaur when there are so many better options waiting on the market. When you lease a new copier, look for the right signs that indicate an easy, modern interface that anyone can understand.

Network Interfaces Are the New Norm

Trends have pushed copiers further and further into the digital space until, with the newest options, an interface may not even be necessary to make copies. Many copiers can be plugged into your office network, or communicate with it through a Wi-Fi signal. This allows workers to access the copier directly from their computers and input instructions with a mouse. The only time they go over to the copier is to retrieve the end result.

With a wireless or network interface, the confusing mess of buttons is left behind for a digital control panel that is not bound by physical limitations. As a result they tend to be clear, easy to understand, and very easy to use. A few clicks of the mouse and an easy input are usually sufficient. These copiers tend to have control panels, but they are used most often for complex projects, re-dos, and diagnostic work if something goes wrong.

Real, Dynamic Touchscreens

Even if you do not use network interfaces on your leased copier, digital copier technology has vastly improved the traditional touchscreen. Today's touchscreens are large, responsive, and not limited to only a few commands. The result is a tablet-like input system that allows users to quickly specify the copying jobs they want done, and to easily change specifications.

The large screens make working with the printer more like working with a smartphone or desktop app, and they also offer deep control over copier monitoring. Multiple options allow you to create security codes, monitor performance, and even change colors and themes. The most advanced versions even offer pop-out touchscreens for quick typing.

The lesson is clear. When leasing, you don't need to be stuck with difficult buttons. Pick an interface that keeps up with modern technology to lower stress and increase productivity around your office.

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