Top Four Features to Request When You're Leasing a Copier

There are many choices when it comes to leasing a copier machine. You have lots of sizes, outputs, and other features to choose from, making it difficult to decide which model is the best fit for your business and budget. However, you'll want to make sure a few features you will want to be sure a few key features are included, as they can save your business time and money — among other benefits. Here are the four features that are most requested by companies leasing a copier.

Network Ready

Having your copier connected to your office network is one of the must-haves in today's modern office. It provides a network connection that makes the copier available from every workstation in the office, which is a far more efficient, streamlined setup than traditional methods. It is the core feature that turns a copier into a multi-functional piece of equipment.

Three-Hole Punch

A three-hole punch feature on your new copier can save on paper costs and your staff's man-hours. Many businesses keep training manuals, policy binders, and other hard-copy binders on hand for employees and customers. These typically use three-hole punched papers to add or replace pages. Having this feature on your leased copier saves time that would otherwise be spent manually punching printed materials for use in binders, reports, and presentations.

Double-Sided Copies

Not only does printing on both sides of a piece of paper save money on supplies, it also is a greener approach to printing. Many copiers come with this buget- and environment-friendly feature; however, there are still some that do not. When you're considering leasing a copier machine, it is important that the model you choose has the ability to copy on both sides. This feature is formally referred to as a recirculating automatic document feeder, or RADF, which flips the paper inside to make use of both sides when printing multiple page documents. Your printed materials will use less paper and take up less space in your office.

Scan To Email

A nice, time-saving feature for many companies is the newer copiers' ability to scan to email. This feature works well for companies that intend to use their copier as part of their office network, most likely on a wireless system. The function gives you the ability to scan documents and email them to either yourself or to several people at once, right from the copier. This takes much less time than first scanning and saving a document, then going back and opening your email and sending it out to one or more other people.

Leasing a new copier machine is an important decision, one that can affect the productivity of your company as well as your budget. These three features can save time and money, making them essential for any new copier that you lease.

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