Tips to prevent running out of copier supplies

In most bustling businesses, the office copier is a focal point of work and activity. It may run constantly, copying, scanning, and faxing client files and employee documents. Most employees take basic copier supplies for granted—until they run out.

Running out of copier supplies, like paper, ink, and toner, on a busy day or in the middle of an important project can compromise workplace productivity. An employee may have to run out to buy more paper at an inflated cost from an office supply shop. Even worse, employees may have to wait several days for specialty copy supplies to arrive before they can resume a project.

Monthly copy volume dictates monthly copy supplies

A high-volume business especially could risk losing thousands of dollars if a copy machine has to be shut down for several hours or days while supplies are ordered. Most businesses calculate their monthly copier supply need based on monthly copy volume: the average amount of copies that an office makes per month.

Monthly copy volume, often referred to as the copier duty cycle, will provide a baseline for the amount of copy supplies that must be ordered to keep up with demand. Many businesses review their copy supply invoices over the past 12 months to come up with an average of how much paper was used per month within a year.

In order to provide added cushioning for an unexpected bump in copier use, some vendors recommend adding 15% to monthly copy volume before ordering supplies. If a small office has a monthly copy volume of 2000 copies per month, a 15% buffer would bring that number to 2300. Photocopiers that are frequently used as office printers should increase paper estimates by 50%.

Crunching these numbers will help a business plan strategically for the amount of copy supplies they order each month. If copy volume remains consistent, a vendor can set a business up on an automatic monthly delivery program. Special needs can be factored in each month, such as an upcoming project that may increase copier use, so supply levels never dwindle.

Your business can't afford to run out of copy supplies

Running out of copy supplies can cost your business in unnecessary downtime. Your business may also waste money buying supplies as-needed from a local office supply store or even signing up for supply delivery with a salesperson over the phone.

Door-to-door and phone-based office supply scams run rampant. While you're likely to get the supplies you ordered, they may be exorbitantly overpriced. Employees should be cautioned not to give out information about office equipment over the phone or to visitors; a business should work with a credible vendor when considering supply delivery.

After you've nailed down your monthly copy volume and supply needs, a regular delivery program makes the most sense. Copy supply demand can be handled by a reliable vendor that specializes in monthly delivery. Most vendors provide a discount once a business subscribes to a monthly program. You can get quotes from our suppliers, to keep costs low and stock levels high.