Copier Service Agreements Provide Peace of Mind

Are copier service agreements worthwhile for your business? You and your staff likely use a copier on a daily basis, and its malfunction creates a snag in operations. Even if you're the type of person who normally turns down extended maintenance agreements in the interest of saving money, do consider this type of protection. There are a number of advantages to having it in place.

Advantages to Signing a Service Agreement

Once you sign the agreement, you don't need worry about scheduling preventive maintenance on your copier. It will be looked after for you under the terms of the agreement. The machine will be maintained properly, so it can provide you with optimum performance.

Your service and maintenance contract doesn't have to be limited to dealing with equipment breakdowns, however. It can also include consumable items, such as the ink and toner. When you're busy running a business, handing off these details to someone else lifts that burden off of you. That way, you're free to focus on more important matters.

By signing copier service agreements in advance, customers can control their maintenance costs by locking in the rate they will be paying for future maintenance and repairs. Locking in the rate early means you won't have to pay those later — usually higher — rates.

Your office copier is an essential piece of equipment for your business. If it goes down for any length of time, your company can't run as efficiently. The service agreement should specify that you should expect to see a technician on your premises within a specific amount of time. This guaranteed response time should be spelled out in your service contract.

Weigh Benefits Versus Cost

When you weigh the benefits of copier service agreements versus the costs of putting one in place, you'll find that they justify the costs. You'll know exactly what types of services are covered, and help will always be a simple phone call away; that way, you can get back to the bigger-picture concerns of your business.

Before you sign any type of agreement, be sure to read it thoroughly to make sure you understand all the terms and conditions. Ask about anything you are not clear about before you sign off on the document. The company representative should go through any of the clauses that don't make sense and provide you with more detail. Once you do sign it, you will have peace of mind knowing that you will get prompt, professional attention if you have issues with your copier.

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