Lease a Copier before Making the Switch to Wireless

Leasing a wireless copier before you buy gives your business the opportunity to determine if it is the best fit for your office needs. You can "test drive" its features and capabilities before you make a permanent decision.

Features and Capabilities of Wireless

The modern copier is a multifunctional machine. In addition to copying papers, certain models also wirelessly print, scan, and fax documents. Add the multifunctional device to your business's computer network and you can print wirelessly from PC to machine. Multiple users can print from separate computers to the same device, too.

Wireless scanning lets your employees store pages in the machine's memory, or on a USB drive, for later access. Alternatively, you can send scanned images to the email of a PC or mobile device instantly by simply pressing a few buttons on the copier's digital interface. The faxing feature means employees are able to both send and receive faxes, even in the midst of copying multiple pages.

There's a visual benefit to the wireless equipment, too: it has a clean look, devoid of bulky wiring.

Now that the beneficial features of the copier are apparent, how can your business determine if it should move from leasing to purchase?

What to Ask Before Buying

While you're leasing the wireless copier, periodically assess whether it is maximizing productivity in your office. You should be sure the model is the right one for you before investing in its purchase.

To determine the effectiveness, ask yourself:

  • How many employees have benefited from wireless? Check whether all eligible employees are using the wireless function. If not, why is that? Ask employees if they are happy with the image quality produced.
  • Has connectivity and productivity improved? Does the copier streamline document work flow? Is the response time — the amount of time copier needs to warm up — too long? Do paper trays need to be larger?
  • Does it cut costs by using less paper? Office printing sucks up about 3 percent of a company's yearly revenue, so you want to minimize this cost. If your employees use duplex printing and scan images rather than relying on print, your paper costs will likely decrease.
  • Are employees using all the available functions? You may be paying for features you don't even need. If the machine can fax, but you never receive faxes, look at buying a lower-priced copier without that option.

By leasing a copier that is wireless, you have time to try out the machine before making the serious purchase. Your company likely has a budget, so smart spending is essential. Ensure the copier you purchase is one that your employees are comfortable using by holding a meeting to gather their opinions, or asking them to fill out a personal satisfaction survey.